The authorisation to leave the country

End of the permit to travel form for underage children.

Since 1st January 2013, the permit to travel forms for minors are no longer necessary and are not issued by French town halls anymore, nor are they issued by the French Consulate General in London.

From now on, the child - whether accompanied or not - can travel abroad with :
•either a National Identity Card, only for E.U. countries, the Schengen Area and Switzerland
•either a passport
•either a passport bearing by a visa.

It is necessary to look up which documents are requested by the country you are travelling to by checking the country files on the following website:
For the UK: children under 18 can travel with their passport or their Identity Card,no other document is required by the local authorities.

WARNING: if the child is travelling with only one of his parents, some countries such as Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Morocco can request proof that the other parent consents to the trip.
Unlike the notarised permission to leave the country in use so far, this proof is only a written statement, which is not issued by town halls or consulates.

Published on 24/02/2015

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