Franco-British Symposium on Synthetic Biology [fr]


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Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is an emerging scientific area which has the potential to (i) tackle global challenges in sectors such as health, energy and the environment; (ii) transform the industrial sector as we know it; and (iii) support economic growth and create a large number of jobs.

It is currently largely recognised that SynBio, at the crossroad between the areas of biology and engineering, will contribute to economic growth and the nations’ wealth in the short, medium and long term.

It is agreed that the development of SynBio and the return of benefits it promises will depend on the establishment of an appropriate infrastructure for research and training. This infrastructure needs to be a network of centres of excellence both nationally and internationally and these centres need to be linked to recognised higher education institutions that offer specific curriculum for SynBio. France and the UK showing complementary expertise and capacities in academic research, start-up company launch and in industrial processes and scale up, it is timely to gather together all SynBio stakeholders.


  • bring together all stakeholders from academia, public institutions (policy makers, funders, regulatory agencies...) and the private sector
  • learn about all stages of translational research landscapes in each country
  • share views on underpinning ethical and societal questions
  • explore possibility of drafting new theme-specific bilateral cooperation

Download the final programme here :

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Programme SynBio

This event is free of charge but entry will not be permitted without prior registration.

The registration process necessitates that delegates book separately for each day they wish to attend.

Book your free place online at
This will be a popular event so delegates are encouraged to book quickly.
In the interests of maximizing benefit, numbers of delegates from any one organization might be restricted.


*The Synthetic Kingdom
How will we classify what is natural or unnatural when life is built from scratch? The Tree of Life is always changing, ever since we first created it. Now, synthetic biology is turning to the living kingdoms for its materials library. No more petrochemicals: instead, pick a feature from an existing organism, locate its DNA and insert into a biological chassis. Engineered life will compute, produce energy, clean up pollution, kill pathogens and even do the housework.
These synthetic organisms are no different from other life forms, except that we invented them. Will we simply have to insert an extra branch to the Tree of Life to classify them? The Synthetic Kingdom is part of our new nature.

The Synthetic Kingdom mirrors synthetic biology: it’s a future fashioned by engineering logic, a rationalisation of the complexity of living systems, an engineering solution to an engineering problem. It also puts our designs back into the complexity of nature, rather than separating us from them.
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Published on 30/04/2015

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