Formalities for under 18s

When a request is made for an under 18, do I need to bring additional documents if I am divorced or separated?

The French consulate requests a copy of the judgement in case of a divorce which shows who has parental authority, or a letter from the other parent stating that they agree that the child should have a passport or an ID card requested, and could therefore eventually leave the country.

Can under 18s be on their parent’s passports?

The passport is individual, therefore the under 18s cannot be on the parent’s passports: they must have their own.

However, if your passport was issued before June 12th 2006, and your children under 15 appear on your passport, it will still be valid until its expiry date.

When collecting their passports, the under 18 must come in person with the adult who has parental authority. They will sign their passport if they are at least 13 years old and he/she can do it, otherwise the adult with parental authority must sign.

Is there a particular procedure to follow when asking for a passport or an ID card?

As for an adult, the under 18 must be registered in the Register for French Citizens when applying for an ID card, however, although not compulsory for a passport it is strongly recommended.

When applying, the parents must bring their family book and ID card or passport.

The under 18 must be present when applying because we will be taking their finger prints, but one of their parents or legal guardians can come and collect it if they bring their family book or legal document and ID.

A child under 6 years old doesn’t have to be present when applying for a passport as their fingerprints will not be taken, but he has to come with the parents or legal guardian to collect it.

Published on 01/06/2016

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