• Visas

    All Schengen countries are present in the United Kingdom – As per the rule of main destination, ensure that you submit your visa application to the Schengen country of your main destination/ longest stay.

    Please check the following sections to find any information you need.
    Be advised that the agencies ’Embassy Visa Appointment Booking Services’ and ’French Visa . VIS Biometric Visa Appointments’ are not associated with the French Consulate, London. Booking an appointment to apply for a visa is free of charge via our outsourcing partner, TLScontact

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  • Controls at French borders

    Following the terrorist attacks on 13 November 2015, France has reinstated border controls at internal frontiers. This means an increase of random border control checks at all entry points into France.

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  • New rule on the validity of passports for third country nationals from the 19th of July 2013

    Learn about the travel document’s criteria for third-country nationals when travelling for intended stays of no more than 90 days per period of 180 days in the Schengen area.

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